TrueGrasses: Plant and Recycled Plastic Stationary and Products

At the recent Songshan exhibition I was very pleased to find TrueGrasses exhibiting. Their eco-friendly pens are sold at KingStone Bookstore and I had been curious about their brand for a long time.

TrueGrasses A5 Notebook

Truegrasses is part of a growing group of companies, including Huskware, combining polymer and plant material to create new eco-friendly wares. By adhering first to the ‘reduce’ of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, these companies cut back on the amount of new material needed to create their products.
Truegrasses products use 30-50% natural growing grasses without pesticides or straw fibers in conjunction with recycled plastics to create pens, notebooks, folders, and other molded and injected wares such as recycling bins and food containers.

Trash Bin

Vessels made for food consumption are created only from straw fiber due to food grade material regulations. Products made from their natural grasses line tend to be a dark color, while those from the straw fiber are a light beige and can be dyed different colors.

Straw Fiber Pens

Founder Michael is passionate about conservation, especially the Amazon rainforest, and packaging on all their pens feature a short explanation of its importance. The company collaborates with and donates a portion of their profits to conservation efforts, including Taiwan Environmental Information Association, The Society of Wilderness, and World Wide Fund for Nature.

When asked about his passion for the Amazonian rainforest, he responded, “Eco is the whole world, both local and global.”

In addition to their own wares TrueGrasses also offers custom branding and product development.


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