A New Type of Vegan Leather

This excellent bit by The Gloss lists traditional leather alternatives. Most are made with petrol byproducts, including those utilized by Puma and Birkenstock.

Enter Pinatex, a pineapple leather that is much easier on the planet and doesn’t use petrol products like it predecessors.

Instead, it uses the leaves of pineapples, which are a waste product of pineapple production. Inspired by traditional Filipino dresses woven from pineapple leaves. Ananas Anam, the company behind it, spent several years researching and developing the material, which is now available for B2B purchase here.

Fast Company has a great writeup with founder Hijosa on her experience developing the leather at Royal College of Art in London.

What are your thoughts on vegan leather alternatives? Would you buy Pinatex leather products?


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