#WhoMadeMyClothes 誰做我們的衣服

You might remember I posted this video a couple days ago, which is about promoting ethical fashion in Taiwan. Ethical fashion covers the entire clothing production process from material production, sourcing, logistics, retailing and distribution. Even little things like packaging can be made more eco-friendly and ethical.

I’ve always been into green and ethical fashion; I limit my buying and love going to clothing swaps and free markets (reduce, reuse, and recycle!) and do some T-shirt surgery (upcyling!) but it wasn’t until this video that I really began to dig into what is going on in the ethical fashion scene.

I stumbled across the Fashion Revolution website and fell in love.

They have tons of resources for brands, wholesalers, retailers and distributors who want to get involved, as well as resources for educators and students, and everyday consumers.

I was also really excited to find that Taiwan had made it into the revolution by way of Twine, a fair trade fashion label. I actually missed their fashion show in May earlier this year because of conflicting events TT___TT




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