Where to Get Muskin (Mushroom Leather)

I’m sure everyone has seen the mushroom leather vid that’s been trending on the internet, posted by influencers such as David Wolfe and the like.

Someone commented on my Facebook asking where to get it and with a bit of sleuthing I figured it out!

Muskin is mushroom leather made from Phellinus ellipsoideus, which is from the same family as the largest recorded mushroom in the world!  It is native to the tropical and subtropical areas of China, most notably in Fujian province, where it was identified and named.

The mushroom is gathered and treated much like leather, but without the use of chemicals, making it 100% natural.

It is currently sold by Life Materials; samples may be purchased on their webshop in three variable sizes (just like traditional leather!): Small (10-13 x 15-20 cm) for 35EUD, Medium (14-20 x 25-30 cm) for 50EUD, and Large (20-25 x 30-40 cm) for 70EUD. Minimum order is just 1 unit and bulk discounts are given for orders over 50.  Orders are capped at 55 each.

This is not to be confused by Myx by Jonas Edvard, which is a mushroom textile combined with other materials to create a textile, or Mycoworks, which is researching mycellium based leather, glass, metal and other materials which are not yet available on the market.

Life Materials also produces Nettle, a naturally insulating yarn; Cypress, a naturally antibacterial, anti-mold, relaxing, and deodorizing yarn; and Fiore, a goose down alternative which is not yet available.

What would you make with mushroom leather? Would you consider purchasing some?


One Comment Add yours

  1. becky01007 says:

    Yes, I would buy some and make bracelets. I would love to buy shoes made of it. Looking forward to the future of this material as a wonderful vegan alternative to leather.


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