Taipei International Vegetarian and Health Exhibition 9/2-9/5


The Taipei International Vegetarian and Health Exhibition will be held at the World Expo Center 1 building.  It will feature natural food products, vegetarian restaurants, veggie condiments and other goods.

It is free to sign up! There are 2000 free tickets on a first-come-first-serve basis. The regular price of the ticket is 150 NTD.

Registration here. You will need to register to become a member first, which requires an ID number.

Registration deadline is 9/1 (Thursday)

One ticket can be used for 3 people – limited to the original registrant and their mother and father.


This is what my ticket looked like after it arrived in the mail. You are supposed to print it out and fill out the information.

The ticket also permits entrance to the Taipei International Tea Culture Exhibit and the Taipei International Buddhist Items and Sculptures Exhibit, which are held at the same time in the same building.


Taipei International Buddhist Items and Sculpture Exhibit 2016

There are a series of lectures including several by Dr. Zarunas Zhu. The schedule is posted here.

In addition there are several activities going on, including:

  • $1 breakfast for the first 100 people
  • a free eco-bottle for any amount spent
  • fresh vegetable giveaway for any amount over $300 NTD (~$10 USD)
  • raffle for presents (1 chance per $2000 spent until gifts run out)
  • raffle for 1 month of free groceries (1 chance per $8888 spent, limit 1 per person).

It looks pretty exciting~! I wonder if it will be anything like Natural Products Expo West~? I’ve never been but my previous company would go and I loved the treats some of our coworkers would bring back!

Have you ever been to a food expo? How did you like it? If not, which one would you want to go to?


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