Breaking: Demonstration for Big Orange

The press conference for the murder of Big Orange by National Taiwan University exchange student Perry Chan (Chén Hào-yáng 陳皓揚) was successful. Over 100 people showed up on in 31C/90+F degree Tuesday morning to show their support and concern for animal welfare, and over a dozen media outlets were on site to record and broadcast the event.

Demonstrators and media outside of  Taipei District Court.

The event was held by the Tree Party and conducted by Secretary-General Jimmy Li. Representatives from various animal rights activist groups spoke including those from the Tree Party Tóng Zī-yì (童姿儀) and Director Lín Wân-yú (林婉隃) as well as volunteer Zhāo Yôu-lún (招有倫); Board member Hé Chén-hán (何承翰) of the Wenzhou Community Development Association (溫州社區發展協會); writer Lû Qīu-yûan; associate professor Wú Zōng-xiàn of the National University of Tainan College of Management; Illustrator My Deer Dog; Taiwan SPCA legal specialist Liú Zī-yû (劉子瑜); Zhou Rùi-zōn from Ho Tung Cat Independent Volunteers (HTCIV); Chén Xiâo-xiáng (陳小祥) from Puzzlecat Animal Rights Advocacy; Pikahome (皮卡,啾一個康樂隊) an online personality; and one of Big Orange’s caretakers Wáng Xián-rú.

Demonstrators made signs calling for more severe punishments for animals rights violators as well as expressing support for Big Orange. Supporters chanted several slogans such as “You don’t have to love him, but don’t harm him”.

The Tree Party expressed 4 items:

1. Animal slaughter should not be sentenced leniently.

2. Strengthen counseling for the perpetrator’s life skills education and social reintegration.

3. Animal protection is linked to community, maternal, and child safety.

4. The correction of the Animal Protection Law should be carried out swiftly and practically.

A representative from Macau being interviewed. There were several representatives from Macau at the protest, though they hid their faces.

A plush of Big Orange being held by demonstrator Davis Liao. The plush was made the day that the murder was announced so that the public would remember that Big Orange existed.

The conference concluded with demonstrators queueing to watch the trial. Direct streaming and recording was expressly prohibited inside the trial room.


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