Breaking: Demonstration for Self-Confessed Cat Killer Planned for 8/16

Details for the demonstration to take place on 8/16 outside of the Taipei Governmental Law building have been posted on this Facebook event page.

Perry Chan, or Chén Hào Yáng (陳皓揚), has been prosecuted for the killing of Orange (大橘子 dà jú zî), which he confessed to. He recently confessed to killing a stray cat known as Bān Bān 斑斑. The trial is for the killing of Orange.

Demonstrators will hold a press conference outside the building at 10:00 outside the building. Thereafter 60 demonstrators will enter the building for the trial. There is a reminder that demonstrators should not be noisy while inside the building. 

The event will feature speeches by acclaimed writer Lû Qīu-yûan (呂秋遠) and artist My Deer Dog (狗與鹿 gôu yû lù)

Attendees are encouraged to rsvp accordingly on the Facebook page and click “interested” if unable to attend. 

The event is organized by Jimmy Li (李建明 Lî Jiàn-míng) of the Association of Taiwan Tree-huggers (台灣樹人會 Táiwān Shùrén Hùi). 

Bān Bān was frequently seen at About Animals 動物志, a vegan and animal/equal rights restaurant located by Wanlong. They issued a statement earlier this morning regarding their stance and wish for learning and self-improvement. They emphasize that the issue is with the current social climate and not the individual, taking note of the violent backlash Perry has faced and calling on supporters to use compassion instead of hatred in their reactions to this event. They reinforce their commitment to ethical treatment of all animals, calling to the fact that every meal is an opportunity to choose respect for animals and close with a call for readers to choose understanding and forgiveness. “Now we want everyone to know that this is an option, that we can and should choose to allow the environment to be one of compassion and mutual respect. We believe their is a power greater than that of hatred there.”

Feature photo from About Animals動物志 Facebook Page. 


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